Smart Hand Services


Your business works round the clock, and so do we. Our highly qualified Smart Hand Services team stands ready to accomplish any specific on-demand requests. This value-added service offered by Keppel Data Centres ensures two key benefits: convenience and cost effectiveness.

Convenience is just a phone call away. Our onsite team of experienced engineers are ready to assist you through the activation of our Smart Hand Services 24×7. You no longer need to be anxious about the time taken for your staff or third party managed service provider to be at the site, to attend to your urgent needs. We understand that you cannot be around all the time, but Keppel Data Centres is.

Cost-effectiveness offered by Keppel Data Centres takes your budget further. A common conundrum faced by IT departments is the decision to assign highly skilled engineers to routine duties rather than core responsibilities. We take this dilemma off your hands with our on-demand Smart Hand Services that help achieve significant cost savings on staff overhead expenses.

Keppel Data Centres’ scope of Smart Hand Services includes:

1. Tape Management
a. Coordination of delivery and/or collection of tapes
b. Loading and/or unloading of tapes (on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis)
c. Labelling and/or scanning of tapes for off-site storage support
2. Power Cycle Management
a. Hard reboot of equipment
3. Report Management
a. Access logs
b. Equipment status reports
4. Visual Status Check
a. Carry out visual check on equipment on the basis of list provided
b. Reporting of any abnormality detected during visual checks
5. On-Demand Support
a. Cable patching from point to point
b. Equipment configuration

Some of the features mentioned vary across our portfolio of data centres. Please contact us to find out how we can customise a data centre to suit your mission critical requirements.