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Quality data centre colocation solutions in strategic, high-growth markets
Keppel Data Centres deepens its presence in strategic, high-growth markets, providing quality colocation data centre solutions and key support infrastructure to accelerate your organisation’s connectivity to the region

Featured Projects

Keppel DC Sydney 1
project thumbnail
  • Located in Gore Hill Technology Park, Sydney
  • Latitude/Longitude: -33.819439, 151.186020
  • Strategically adjacent to Keppel’s existing project, Gore Hill Data Centre
  • Tier III-equivalent
  • 57,000 sq ft gross floor area
  • Target to be ready by 2022
Keppel DC Frankfurt 1
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  • Located in Am Martinszehnten Industrial Park, Frankfurt
  • Latitude/Longitude: 50.195641, 8.640160
  • Tier III-equivalent
  • 200,000 sq ft gross floor area
  • Ready for service
IndoKeppel Data Centre 1
project thumbnail
  • Located in Bogor, Jakarta
  • Latitude/Longitude: -6.514563,106.893438
  • Tier III-equivalent
  • 105,000 sq ft gross floor area
  • Target to be ready by 2020/2021

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