Green Mission


At Keppel Data Centres, we are committed to manage our resources responsibly. We employ cutting-edge technology, processes and systems that are optimised for energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Recognition

Keppel Data Centres is committed to eco-friendly infrastructure and environmentally sustainable business practices. As a testament to this, Keppel DC Singapore 3 was the first newbuild data centre in Singapore to be awarded BCA-IMDA Green Mark Platinum certification for New Data Centres in 2014.

Key green features of Keppel DC Singapore 3 include:

  • Estimated energy savings: 15,326,774 kWh/yr
  • Estimated water savings: 3001 m3/yr
  • ETTV: 10.66 W/m2
  • Chilled water system efficiency 0f 0.6 kW/ton
  • Provision of variable speed controls for chilled-water pumps and cooling tower fans
  • Motion sensors for staircases
  • Naturally ventilated interiors for non-essential infrastructure
  • Majority of water fittings rated ‘Excellent’
  • Restoration, conserving or relocating of trees on site during construction
    More than 35% crushed concrete waste recovered and recycled

Green Footprint

Some examples of green features and initiatives which our data centres employ are:

  • Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Systems (DRUPS) in place of traditional battery run operated uninterruptible power systems, thereby reducing chemical waste and improving operating efficiency
  • Efficient cooling systems designed for hot and cold aisle containment deployment optimises energy usage
  • Customised Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) which tracks data centre performance, allowing for improved energy management and optimisation
  • Eco-friendly materials used during the construction of the development
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics studies that were commissioned to examine airflow patterns and ensure uniformity of temperature distribution.